What are the details of your “Grapple-Proof” Guarantee?

Our gi is satisfaction guaranteed. We believe our Gi is as good as the top brands of gold weave gis on the market at a more affordable price. If you disagree after you've purchased and tried it, send it back for a full return within 30 days (not including shipping costs).

And, yes, that is even if you’ve already washed it (just adhere to the care instructions) and worn it and sweated in it. All of the other Gi companies will only allow you to return their gis if you’ve haven’t washed it, haven’t worn it, haven’t tested it, etc. How do you know if you like a gi without rolling in it? So put ours on, work out in it and then, if you are dissatisfied for any reason (except for the one reason stated in the next paragraph), send the gi back for a no-hassle refund or exchange.

But, and this is a very big but, the guarantee is only good for legit Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Warriors. If you started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu because you thought you were going to be the next UFC champion and after a couple of classes, found out that you were a pussy and quit and now want money back for your gi, because you’re a cheap ass punk who never finishes anything he starts, forget it!!! Go sell it on EBAY. This guarantee is for warriors who put the GI and themselves to the test honorably on the mat night after night and decide that they don’t like it for whatever reason…this guarantee is for them. And, no I do not have an anger issue, …why do you ask?

Finally, before sending back your package, make sure you fill out the feedback form describing your problem as well as adding, “I am not a Pussy”, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. You must receive written confirmation via E-mail before sending the package back to us.

Man, that is a little blunt, isn’t it?

Yes, and having said that, we understand that the Jiu Jitsu Gi market is saturated and the big rich Jiu Jitsu Gi manufacturers say that there is not room for anything new. We think, though, that we bring something unique to the table, a high quality, yet affordable Gi design and tested by real Jiu Jitsu players just like you.

Anyway, we know there are lots of places you could buy your Jiu Jitsu Gi from and we would be honored if you are considering us, too. If you are already a customer and you dig what we are doing, the best way you can help us out is to get your teammates introduced to a Victory Gi!

How long will it take to get my order?

All orders placed before 12:00 Eastern Time will be processed the same business day. In most cases, the order will get to you within 3 to 10 business days or sooner, depending on your proximity to our Greenville, South Carolina base.

We understand at VictoryGis.com that our customers are like us and would want their orders as fast as possible so we always do our best to make that happen.

Do you ship everywhere in the world?

No, currently we only ship to the lower 48 states.

Will I receive tracking information?

Tracking information and order status will be emailed to you when your Gi is shipped.

Does Preshrunk mean that it will not shrink anymore?

Although our Gis are preshrunk, shrinkage will still occur if you wash with hot water or put the Gi in the dryer. To avoid shrinkage, only wash in cold water and line dry.

What does Sanforized mean?

Sanforizing is a manufacturing process that keeps the color on the material for a long time. The process gives a slight gloss to our pants but not the tops. It also keeps the shrinkage to a minimal and makes the material more durable.

How do I care for my new Gi/Kimono?

By following these care directions, you will prolong your Gi’s lifespan and keep it from damage and shrinking.

First Washing

  • Wash in cold water. Never, ever use hot water.
  • Hang or line dry.*
  • Never use chlorine bleach as it will damage the fibers of the gi.

 If the uniform fits a little too large right out of the bag, a dryer -properly used- can make the gi, "shrink to fit". If you need to do this, first wash the gi in cold water and then place it in the dryer at a low setting. Check on the kimono every 5-10 minutes until it has reached the desired size, and then hang dry for the duration.

Subsequent Washings

  • Wash in cold water. Again, never, ever use hot water.
  • No bleach, no bleach, no bleach.
  • Hang or line dry.

Optional Suggestions for Blue uniforms

  • Before the first wash, soak the gi in a sink with 3 cups of white vinegar and water. Let it soak for 30 minutes, and then wash. This  will help set the color (even more along with the Sanforizing process) in your gi and minimize its fading.
  • On future washes, use only a color safe detergent.

I’ve submitted my order. How do I cancel it?

Just email us to cancel or revise your order. If your order hasn’t shipped yet, our sales department(yours truly) will take your order off the system.

Is there a phone that I can call Customer Service?

For now, we are a small “garage” company trying to get established. (Dude, I’m training and don’t need my phone lighting up, interrupting my concentration when I’m being collar choked!) (Which happens less when I wear my Victory Gi with its great collar) Seriously, to keep our costs down so that we can pass along the savings through lower prices, we will answer all questions and any concerns promptly (within 24 hours) through email (after I finish rolling that is).

Is my personal information kept confidential?

VictoryGis.com is committed to respect your privacy to the fullest extent. The information we collect from you is used only for competing the sale and shipping. Under no circumstances do we share our customers’ email addresses or personal information with anyone.


Participating in combat sports can be dangerous and should be practiced within the user’s ability. Our Gis are manufactured with quality and craftsmanship to provide a degree of protection to help reduce the risks of injury. These products are not warranted to prevent injury. The user, therefore, assumes full responsibility for all risk of injuries. With time and use, the materials used in these Gis will lose some of their effectiveness and require replacement.

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